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Wudinna Show

LAC members commit to the journey

Wudinna Show

With 215 kms to travel and be in Wudinna by 10.30 am it was an early start!  Most left around 7.45 am and arrived at around 10.00 am with time to spare.

7 LAC cars congregated at the Showground with 30 other vehicles representing car Clubs from central Eyre Peninsula and Ceduna.  Central EP residents and also LAC members, Dean and Bev Oswald, and Simon & Sally Veitch enjoyed the short journey and opportunity to participate in their respective Mustangs.  Joining the Mustang gathering was Rod & Jill Riddle who are certainly clocking up the ks in the blue machine.

Also clocking up the ks, but his time in his MGA was President Ian.  As Ian is participating in the upcoming Holden Dream Cruise in his SA assembled 1957 Chevrolet sedan, it was obviously time to give the Chev a breather.  Club regular Allen Cox appeared again in his EJ station wagon, along with Event Coordinator Neville Will and Debbie in their XA GT Falcon.  Tony Du Bois arrived with a smile on his face after stepping out of his Porsche 911.  Nice drive on the open road Tony? …….  within the speed limit of course!


Of the cars on display, an original blue Mainline ute and a yellow Hot Rod created a lot of interest.

While there was a slight northerly blowing the temperature was pleasant with plenty to see and of course lots of automotive conversations.

The Wudinna Speed Shearing competition was popular with the show going crowd. The open competition saw 15 sheep shorn in 20 minutes. The highlight was $1,000 prize money earned for shearing one sheep in only 30 seconds.  A board full of those guys would keep the rousabouts busy!

Most who had made the journey stayed overnight and ventured home the next morning with a brisk tailwind.  Fuel economy much better downhill and downwind!

Whilst not a huge turnout due to other Clubs committed to programmed events, this could be a pre-cursor to a combined EP Car club rally in the future.  We’ll have to see what transpires on that front.

Thanks Neville & Ian for the details.