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West Coast Wander

West Coast Wander

West Coast Wander – Club Event

Sunday August 21st @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

All day cruise to Elliston and back.

All 47 people and their 23 vehicles assembled at Whirly’s Car Park, Tasman Terrace ready to depart 9.30 am to Elliston.

We all hit the road with little wind and the sun shining. The Canola crops where in full bloom along the way, and the reflection of a couple of paddocks on Lake Hamilton was amazing.

We had a pit stop at the Sheringa Store for coffee, chat and a group photo shoot, before moving onto Elliston Hotel for lunch. Along the way a couple of dead wombats were sighted on the the road.

The meal was enjoyed by all, a thank you was announced by Mark Wright on behalf of all present, to the staff at the Elliston Hotel for their great service Raffle kindly donated by Port Lincoln Boat Supplies and Aussie Engineering was won by “the Kerley’s”.

During the afternoon the vehicles departed at their leisure on their way back to Port Lincoln, sighting one dead wombat that had been moved off the road and was seen to be resting against a post with a drink bottle. Several vehicles were sighted in car parks along the way having afternoon tea, one group in particular near Marble Range were surrounded by Teddy Bears.

Tony Thorpe


Sponsors:  Port Lincoln Boat Supplies / Aussie Engineering

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