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West Coast Spring Sprint

Up to Elliston for lunch!

West Coast Spring Sprint

A spring sprint to Elliston for lunch

On the morning of Sunday 23rd October, a joyful group of members with 15 classic cars headed for Elliston.

We were in very safe hands thanks to our new members Pam & Bob Hewstone bringing their off road proven trusty 1986 “Australian Army issued, Mercedes Unimog” truck.  The Unimog was equipped with “a real 4×4 drive system”, massive wheels, and huge chassis clearances and a heavy duty winch, which made it ready for any emergency and contingencies on the journey to Elliston!  You never know, just in case you may need help along the way?  Bob, a real gentleman, had even thought about a little ladder tied to the truck tray top to assist Pam embark and disembark in a lady like fashion from the dizzy heights of the Army truck cab!  Well done, Bob.

We do not have a photo of the embark/disembark procedure, but we have a photo of the ladder!

By the time we made visual contact with Lincoln’s “Mount Everest” (the Marble Range), the last remnants to clouds evaporated.  Simply another glorious spring day.  Along the road the season showed us it’s best form, with bloom, colour and springtime smell.

We stopped for a pit stop at Mount Hope. By the time we reached Elliston the temperature reached well past the mid 20’s mark.  Almost hot!  Understandably we all were looking forward to a nice lunch with a couple cold drinks at the Elliston Hotel.

New members Phil Tresize and Leonie Binns brought their newly acquired beautiful red MG B convertible. Roof down (why not!) and still very fresh from it’s trip down from Queensland, even with the Queensland number plates fitted. It was great to view our new members acquisitions and joining in with our events.

Phil & Leonie’s new MGB new matched Allen’s ever present EH wagon.

Shade was at a premium on a beautiful spring day.

After being “well watered & fed“, thanks to the friendly Elliston Hotel staff. We marvelled at the cars on display parked under the tall pine trees. Discussed technical matters ….. or simply enjoyed each other’s company.

The Oswald family from Wudinna proudly displayed their beautiful vehicles.

At the Hotel car park we were joined by our Wudinna members Dean & Bev Oswald, their friends Peter and Kerry, and Dean’s brother John.



John Oswald’s speccy yellow ’34 Ford hot rod took everyone’s eye….





…. particularly the 327 Chevy motor!  John had only just finished assembling it, and this was it’s ffrst major outing.



The return trip was a choice either via the Birdseye Highway to Lock, or return back down the coast along the Flinders Highway.  The day proved a very enjoyable and pleasant Sunday outing for the 31 LAC members and 4 visitors who attended.

With the remainder of Spring to come, and summer ahead, we are looking forward to more outings like this.

Article contributed by Pascal Labhart.  Pictures by Pascal & Neville Will.  Thanks guys.