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"Spider's" Ford Collection

Run to Cummins July 18th

“Spider’s” Ford collection

61 members visited ‘Spider’s’ Church collection of cars in Cummins. Fortunately for those with polished duco, the rain was only light and members resisted the speed temptation of those long straights. On the road up from Lincoln the RCZ was eager to have a blast but was sternly rebuked by ‘she who must be obeyed’.

For me the 351 XA GT ‘Wild Plum’ was the star attraction. The paint looked as though liquid resin had been oozed over the panels. The more Ford knowledgeable members, verified the authenticity of every flange, logo, bolt etc. Some of the original body panels are displayed on the wall which caused the less skilled members to contemplate how much time, aptitude, discipline and money goes into these auto restoration projects!  Are there plans to bring the rest of the collection up to ‘Wild Plum’ standard?

There are several other Ford two door cars which for me seem to epitomise the Aussie muscle car marque – mmm that big humpy shoulder in front of the rear wheel, looks like a beefed up rugby player about to enter a scrum.


A lovingly restored Shell petrol pump caught my eye especially when positioned near an original pump. The Plume petrol pump had all the dings, corrosion and general wear and tear similar to many members inspecting it on the day.


This car collection and shed is impressive. The ‘house of god’ had many of us contemplating a shed upgrade. Perhaps we should have a tour of the worst, smallest and dingy sheds, so ordinary members can feel adequate again.

The crowd adjourned to the local pub where a tasty fare was served. Glenn Karutz and Des Boyce took out the fuel raffle provided by Eyre Fuels.



The return drive was spoilt by a dirty drizzle which requires my immediate attention away from this keyboard.

Mike Stockdale