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Show & Shine 2017

A rockin’ good start to 2017!

Crowds flocked to the foreshore In January for the Lincoln Auto Club’s Annual Show & Shine.  It certainly got 2017 off to a rockin’ good start!

A beautiful January day, a great display of classic and modern vehicles, rock and roll music, a magnificent crowd made up of locals and visitors, topped off by an impressive aerobatic performance, made for the most successful Show & Shine to date.  The crowd keep coming all day to view the trucks, motor bikes and  classic cars that made up the 108 vehicles on display.  Many thanks to the Lincoln Auto Club members, our neighbouring Road Runners members, and visitors for showing off their shiney stuff.


As usual the variety of vehicles representing American, European, British and Australian Marques impressed.   

There wheres some individual stand outs, ranging from Stewie”s impeccable GT restoration, to Peter Southam’s first showing of the Lincoln Auto Club’s only P76! ……and no, he did not bring a 44 gallon drum in the boot!


There were luxurious, and not so luxurious examples of British motoring!

Of course American muscle always attracts attention, even when the owner is engrossed in a novel! (In the background.)





….. and typically, some ex-farmers had to check how things work!



The vehicles where not the only drawcard.  Rock and Roll music, a dance floor, and some keen dancers kept the crowd entertained throughout the day.  Surrounded by vehicles of the rock and roll era, the music and dancing added to the “classic” flavour of the day.

From the Minis to the Teakle Auto Sprint street cars, there was something to satisfy everyone’s auto taste.




With the demise of the car manufacturing industry in Australia, and in particular, South Australia, it was good to see some examples of the old, and the new.

Made in South Australia!




There was also a good selection of various Valiant Charger models.

Made in South Australia!


Many thanks to the Events Sub-Committee and their helpers for work put into making the Show & Shine such a success.  To Di & Mick Hart, Kym Roach and helpers for creating the dance floor and the Rock & Roll / Rockabilly initiative that really added something special to the day.  To Team Luckcraft, thanks for feeding the multitudes.  A special thank you to James Hart who flew in and flew out and created a spectacular aerobatic display whilst passing!

Any ideas on how we can take next year’s event to the next level?  We’d love to hear from you.

Many more photos of the Show & Shine have been posted in the “Club Gallery” section of this website.  Check them out.