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Port Neill Plod

Fair weather cruising

Port Neill Plod

Sunday 4th June saw a good roll up of members at Whirley’s Car Park for the planned departure to Port Neill at 10.30 a.m.

Many members brought their historically registered vehicles as the day promised great weather – and that is what it turned out to be.  The procession of vehicles left at roughly the appointed time and travelled down Tasman Terrace, causing those who were still having breakfast at Del Giorno’s to turn their heads. It was then onto the Lincoln Highway heading for Port Neill.  Several of the slower vehicles left a little earlier to ensure they arrived at a similar time to the later model vehicles.

Most had arrived at the “Green Shed” by midday and it was excellent to see the wide range of vehicles that members brought out on the run. To my knowledge no members had any problems with their vehicles on the day.


The day was so good, some cars headed for the shade…..




……….whilst others turned their back on the sun.

Notice the Police car?  Phil Butterworth of Cleve took the opportunity to join us in his restored 1979 HZ police car. How come the blue light Phil?  Read more about this interesting vehicle soon on the website.




Geoff Phillips and a number of the committee then proceeded to fire up the BBQ’s and start cooking – Geoff had put sausages, hamburgers and steak on the menu – and by the way that it was eaten I am sure the turnout of 55 members all enjoyed their lunch.  I should add that there were ample salads that members had brought, so all in all it was a great feed.


The weather turned out to be exceptional at Port Neill which meant that many members stayed around till around 3 o’clock enjoying a chat about all manner of things and the odd drink.  Good to see our Sponsor for the day, Scott Harding, drop in after lunch.  They had been camping in the caravan so called in on the way past to catch up with everyone.  Thanks Scott.



A number of vehicles were present that we don’t often see ranging from the restored Holden police car to Mercedes, a Camaro, Mustangs, several Falcon GT’s and an assortment of others.


It was good to see many people looking at the vehicles and I noticed quite a few bonnets up looking at engine bays.  I was very impressed with our new member Garry Cunningham’s Gold XY GT Falcon – a very impressive restoration – it certainly got the attention of many members.

All in all a great day with prefect weather for a run in our older vehicles.

Many thanks to the Club for supplying the meat, bread and condiments for all, and members for the salads that they brought along to share.

And of course do not forget our Sponsors, Burson’s and West Coast Auto Electrics in this case, who make this all possible.

Article contributed by Glenn Karutz.