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Pizza at Brinkworth – April 2021

Pizza at Brinkworth

Sunday 11th April 2021

Sponsors of the Day:


LAC member event; Coffin Bay run and pizza to top-off the day!

Like all the best events today’s proved full of surprises. Whirley’s carpark was full of cars and members all keen to start the day. It was here the first surprise revealed itself; several vehicles not seen for a while including a pristine Leyland P76, a very tidy EH Holden and a menacing black Mustang, a l.w.b. thumping diesel Landrover. MC Neville Will and Richard Forsaith organised us, then set us off.

Starting at “Whirly’s”

Gathering at Brinkworth








The weather proved changeable but was delightful for most of the members who attended (except for a couple of mugs wearing shorts); certainly suitable for the older vehicles involved. Several cars found the conditions so amenable they streaked off toward the horizon passing everything ahead of them. You seem to get that with V8s. A few enjoyed a more relaxed cruise to a break for coffee and photos adjacent to the Coffin Bay boat ramp.

It was here where the real purpose of these events was displayed; endless curious conversations and enthusiastic explanations about the vehicle with their owners. The focus such a club as ours provides, is very positive and proves men can talk in groups for an extended length of time! This was surprise two along with the equal contributions from the committed, knowledgeable women who attended. A female “free camper” shared her fascination and pleasure of the cars and people who corralled her in, especially the number of women involved, then became very pleased as the V8s started, revved and departed. She said the noise reminded her of her youth; regrettably that conversation had to be abandoned!

The cars were an eclectic collection (a real strength of our non- marque Club) of old and new, fast and slow, flash and basic, loaded with technology and mechanically simple, several still in daily use, some awaiting restoration whilst others had experienced a loving makeover.

There were no “best on display” cars. Each had a story, a history, a place in each member’s past or future hopes. Most importantly every car on this run was being used rather than stored away; a loud testament to why the cars were designed, built, bought and driven. Our Club is rightly very keen on members driving their cars rather than just looking at them and this successful event supported this priority.

Ben, Alyssia Smith (Fresh Eyre Catering ) and family

Surprise three was located at the finish point (Brinkworth Park) where an abundance of high quality, wood fired, freshly-made pizzas was provided along with refreshments to participants. The food was outstanding; where else but on the West Coast could such unique catering be arranged. The hot drinks arranged by Geoff Phillips proved essential as the day became a bit arctic. Your Club subsidised this finale and I thank them for their generosity.

Thanks must go to Neville Will and Kevin Burner for their organisation and conduct of the day along with acknowledgement of our event sponsors: Hagen Zerk Automotive and Scott Harding West Coast Auto Electric, so support in kind and engage their services.

This Club puts on excellent events and all who attended the Coffin Bay Run seemed to be enthusiastic and content. If you missed-out, check the Club events calendar on our webpage for the next one; see you there.

Richard Miels
LAC Secretary.

Thanks to Hilton for the photos


No Pizza for Poppy

Jonty trying Trigg’s Triumph

Helen, Goeff, Audrey & Des relaxing after lunch

Couple of Classics