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Lincoln Auto Club Website launch

Lincoln Auto Club Website launch

Welcome to the Lincoln Auto Club Website launch!

You made it!

Welcome to the Lincoln Auto Club’s website.  As you read this, there may be someone in Finland doing the same thing!  That’s the World Wide Web for you, so let’s make it work and tell not only our members about what is going on, but the rest of the World, from Kathmandu to Kimba, about who we are, what we do.

Importantly it is YOUR website, and its success will depend on YOU using it.  There are two main areas of the site.  The public one you are in at the moment, and the “Members” section which is password protected for security reasons.  There will be NO financial transactions undertaken via this site.  Maybe later.  You will need to Logon for the first time you access this section.  If you are a financial member of the Lincoln Auto Club you will receive permission to access the Member’s area. If you click “Remember me” you will have automatic entry each time you revisit. Using a different computer will require another login with your original password.

Your password is not identifiable to anyone connected to the Lincoln Auto Club or with the development of this site.  That is something that exist somewhere in the mysterious backrooms of the internet. As access and usage grows more options may be added depending on member’s requirements so you could say even at his early stage, that this is a work in progress.  A bit like restoring a car really!

The public area of the site is a two way information highway.  You will be able to contribute articles and information you wish to share with fellow members and others (via the Webmaster in the first instance.  Remember, this is NOT Facebook!).  You will also be able to source stuff you would normally have been sent, such as Statutory Declaration forms, Membership Applications, a copy of the Constitution, or details of your requirements under the Concessional Registration Scheme.

You will find there may be several ways of arriving at the same point.  This makes navigating around the site easier and eliminates having to go back to a start point and come in again.

There are links to other auto related sites you may find interesting.  We do not wish this to become an internet directory, but if you have something you think may be of interest to members please let us know.  Likewise, some of our Sponsors have their own website, so by clicking on their logo, you will directed there.  This is another way we can support those who support us.

Being new, there are bound to be some hiccups, but hopefully no recalls!   Now you have opened the website, “Bookmark” it, or save it as a “Favourite” in your browser for easy access next time.  So don’t be shy, take it for a run and have a play.  Let us know what you think via the “Feedback” option in the “Members” section.

It’s the 21st century.  Welcome aboard, buckle up and enjoy the drive.

From the Lincoln Auto Club Committee

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