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Kernewek Lowender

Cornish pasties and other stuff

Kernewek Lowender

LAC members across the Gulf

It was a sea of cars on the Kadina Oval following the 2017 Kernewek Lowender Cavalcade of Cars.

It was probably the cars, and certainly some Rock & Roll, rather than cornish pasties and maypole dancing that enticed many LAC members to this year’s Kernewek Lowender.  The  Gogler’s once again made the leisurely trip across the Gulf via ferry in the Mk11 to meet up with the Jaguar clan.  It was upon Ross’s experience of “It has never rained every time we have been”, that enticed the Trigg’s to give it a go in the Triumph TR4.  Banking on no rain at the end of May, was a very bold move, but as the TR4 was made in England, and it had a hood and windscreen wipers, what was there to worry about?  The fuel pump.  That’s what!

The fuel pump ceases to work when the fulcrum pin falls out.  No fuel.  Engine no go!  A quick call to cancel the ferry, another call to Cliff Carpenter’s Roadside Service and it was back to Port Lincoln and Plan B.  By the way, if anyone notices a small pin on the highway on top of Lipson Hill – leave it there!  Plan B involved the Charger, another call to the ferry, and the Trigg’s arrived in Wallaroo with plenty of time to spare on the Saturday.

“Rock the Kernewek” was the feature of Saturday night where Luckcrafts met up with the Hart’s, who met up with the Triigg’s, who met up with the Roach’s, who met up with the remainder of the “Eyre’s Rock” table of six Whyalla Vintage & Classic Car Club members, who we met up with during the recent Federation Tour.  Phew!  Glad we did and is was “Phew” as the Kadina Town Hall was rocked to its foundations by the Adelaide Band, “The Cadillacs”. An apt name that was!  Beautiful classic cars took over the footpath which added to the Rock & Roll theme of the night.  So far, not a cornish pasty or maypole had been sighted!

Ross’s prophesy came true come Sunday morning.  Not a cloud in sight.  The organisers of the “Cavalcade of Cars” proudly (and rightly) claim it to be the largest regional classic car event in South Australia.  The largest being the Bay to Birdwood. And what a sight?.  What an experience?  Over 500 cars of every make, model, era you could imagine.  The drone shot of the “starting grid” (below) gives you some idea of the number of cars taking part.  The marshalling yards of the Wallaroo’s Viterra grain silos proved an ideal form up space.  

It took about 15 – 20 minutes for each column of vehicles to clear the starting area.  With the 50 klm course ahead taking in a tour around Wallaroo, a leisurely cruise to Moonta Bay, a doddle through Port Hughes, a skip through the main street of Moonta, a bit of a speed up (35mph) across to Kadina, a zig-zag through the streets before ending up on the Kadina oval, it meant the first cars of the 45 klm convoy were almost at the Kadina oval destination by the time the last car left the starting grid!  Not one formally closed road, just the occasional Police directing traffic.  Not one traffic snarl.  Not one impatient “toot”.  But lots of whistles, wahoo’s and appreciation shown by the thousands of onlookers lining the route.

What a buzz.  It is a major bi-ennial event for the locals who line the streets and country roads, set up with tents, deck chairs, BBQ’s, gophers and wheelchairs.  The route planners obviously detoured to take in the Hospital and Nursing Homes along the way which provided a once very two year highlight for the the patients and residents.

As the convoy rolled onto the oval there was more crowding in the forward line than an AFL match, but the organisation was impeccable as the fleet covered the grass with a small amount of space left for food alley, stalls, a Rock & Roll band stage and dance floor.  The longest food queue was of course for cornish pasties. Delicious. See, we did experience something Cornish!

Ross and Betty were busy tracking down their Jaguar connections, Lucky has sussed out some pretty powerful Ford stuff,  Mick reported on some highly chromed and finny Chevy gear, Liz kicked off her shoes and dragged Hilton away from the Mopar mob to go dancing, Tiki and Heather were taking it ALL in, Annette was busy chatting up the DJ, whilst Di, Pam and Kim surveyed the dancing action from their vantage point in the shade whilst sipping coffee!   The day matched the experience.  Beautiful.

Only once every two years.  Think about it.  But book early as accommodation is at a premium.