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Kellidie Bay Bash

........ or was it the social event of the year?

Kellidie Bay Bash

A touch of the Mediterranean in our own backyard.

Well, we were blessed with an absolutely corker day for the Club Run to Vita and Gino La Rovere’s property in Kellidie.

Following much discussion of this event, members set off wondering what would await them,  and were most definitely not disappointed.

It must be noted that Vita and Gino were superb hosts and made everyone welcome in a most personable way.

The La Rovere property greeted all upon arrival, complete with a couple of Gino’s vehicles on the forecourt.

The setting of their home on the property is divine, and the outlook second to none.  Vita made a comment, that “the outlook reminded her Italian mother of Italy in many ways, which made her very happy.”

There was a terrific response to the event with 67 members in attendance, with 35 Classic cars, a selection of moderns, and a motorbike!  The Mercedes marquee was well represented with 5 fine examples.  All owners were eager to give their vehicles a good run, especially on the bitumen highway, however much caution was taken on the unsealed sections.

Early arrivals picked the shade overlooking the bay, and were soon into the spirit of the social occasion.

It was pleasing to have our sponsors for the day, Jim and Jill McGuire of Eyre Fuels, as part of large turnout.  On arrival, people found a spot to set up their tables and chairs in readiness for the superb BBQ supplied by the Club.  This was organised in typical grand fashion by Geoff Phillips, who was assisted with the cooking by a merry band of helpers.  Thank you Geoff and those who assisted with the catering.  The sharing of salads saw some excellent fare on the table which made for a fine accompaniment to the BBQ.  Many thanks also to Neville Will and the Events Committee members who turned the La Rovere’s invitation into a very enjoyable day.

The line-up for lunch indicated the popularity of GKR – “GEOFF’S KITCHEN RULES!”

Vita and Gino circulated and shared their stories of setting up in Kellidie Bay and commuting between Broken Hill and Kellidie on a regular basis.  Gino built their home and what an amazing job he has done.  Members were invited to walk through the home following lunch and were in awe of the display of generosity shown by these wonderful people and hosts.

The verandah provided a grandstand view overlooking proceedings and the bay.

The grounds and gardens have some very special areas laid out in various places around the home, with an inviting ambience to behold and experience, and all taking in the breathtaking view.  The verandah was a perfect location for the Event Coordinator, Neville Will, to update the gathering, and award the Eyre Fuels voucher to the winner, Jenny Kranz.  Members had a group photo taken following their tour of the home.  A couple of members found an opportunity to good to miss, and decided that it would be fun to intermingle peoples shoes which were left outside on the verandah, before entering the house.  I think (and hope) everyone went home in a pair of shoes…..????

Many cars chose the dress circle park on the lawns …….

……. whilst others chose a spot closer to the water.

Members were then invited, (those who were interested), to visit Gino’s dirt race track which is a kilometre from the house.  Of course they made their way over there, with the intention of putting their cars through their paces on the track.  Gino included, in his modified speedway XU1 and his Porsche, Alan Cox in his EJ Station Wagon, Kevin Burner in his late model SS Commodore, Hagen Zerk and his GT Falcon (always an exciting driver to watch), Kym Anderson in his SLR 5000 Torana, and Stewart Woods and his GT Falcon.  No doubt some photos will appear on the web page for those keen to see what and how it all looked on the day.

Gino relived his State Championship Dirt Circuit days in his not so standard Torana.

Then displayed his skills in a vehicle more at home on tarmac than on dirt!

…… much to the delight of the onlookers.

All in all a great day was had by the appreciative members, enhanced by fabulous weather and charming hosts.

It was a little like herding cats, or controlling a busload of kindergarten kids, but we eventually got everyone together to raise a cheer to our hosts, Vita and Gino (centre front).

Article contributed by Carolyn Anderson (in Elaine Price’s absence).  Thank you Carolyn

PS from the President:

I was personally aware of the many days Vita and Gino spent getting their place ready for the influx of Lincoln Auto Club members.  The appreciation was evident in the many individual “thank you’s”, and those offered on behalf of the Club.  

I wish to personally thank Neville for the time put into planning the day, and the members for responding in the way they did to make it such a successful day.

The bar for our events has been raised!

The Lincoln Auto Club Committee, on behalf of the members, will formally thank our hosts Vita and Gino for their marvelous generosity and hospitality.


Ian Gordon.