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East Coast Overnighter

Arno Bay Run

East Coast Overnighter

Arno Bay weekend popular again

Despite some slightly ambiguous information and the threat of some foul weather, 12 members (including ‘Wal’ Hammond and Jo Trowbridge who travelled from Naracoorte that day!) gathered at the Arno Bay Hotel on the Friday evening for dinner and some enjoyable socialising.

Saturday arrived along with some magnificent weather. Following a fair bit of in-depth chatting, all departed the Caravan Park enroute to Yeldulknie Weir, where Chris, and Christine Stone, our SafeStore Sponsors for the event (also in attendance for the week-end), had a camp-fire going in no time flat.  Our numbers had increased to 22, and all present had a very sociable lunch.


Event Sponsor Chris Stone of SafeStore, Arno Run Convener “Wal” Hammond, and his partner Jo Trowbridge, ponder whether this log is a bit of overkill to boil the kettle!




They eventually got it going to everyone’s approval……. and comfort!





The Yeldulknie Weir provides a great picnic spot and a great walking track circumnavigating the reservoir.  It also holds a little known piece of history in the early development years of the Cleve / Cowell area.



Following lunch all travelled into Cleve where we visited the magnificent shed of Arthur and Tania Furnell.  There we were privileged to examine some very nice old Holdens, an old pristine Buick and a couple of motor bikes.



A pretty flash exhaust pipe extension for an FJ Holden!



From there it was back to the Caravan Park for their famous barbecue tea.  The Park proprietor had arranged for a Park guest to speak to us ( and a few other guests that were present) about the Australian Constitution.


Under the Australian flag backdrop, it was those with only Australian citizenship who stayed to digest the Constitution.  Those with dual citizenship had obviously left!



Unfortunately the majority of the audience lost early interest and disappeared into the night, which put a halt to a programme that ‘Wal’ had organised.

The weather on Sunday morning wasn’t too brilliant, but that didn’t stop the majority of members enjoying the Park’s free pancake breakfast, after which, because of the weather, most  people departed. However, 10 visited Simon Clement’s property where they were treated to a great display of old farming equipment, including 4 Lanz Bulldog tractors, with Simon firing one, a 10 litre single cylinder, up in the shed, the smoke from which cleared the area of mosquitoes and spectators.



Other interesting items included an old Chev ute, motor bike and general ‘garagenalia’.  




Remember all that stuff you used to have?  Collector’s stuff now!



It was a most interesting collection!  All in all, for those present, it was a very enjoyable run once again.  The fact that our event Sponsors, Chris & Christine Stone took the time to attend and share the weekend with us was much appreciated.

Editor’s note:  Thank you also to “Wal” Hammond for pulling the arrangements together, and to Rick Price for the editorial content of this report.  Also President Ian, Rick Price and Rolly & Lorraine Binns for providing the photos.