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Christmas in June Luncheon at Coffin Bay Yacht Club

Christmas in June Luncheon at Coffin Bay Yacht Club

Christmas in June Luncheon at Coffin Bay Yacht Club

A leisurely Sunday drive to Coffin Bay for a luncheon at the Yacht Club was on the program.

The numbers were restricted to 60 for catering purpose.
It was first 60 persons to get their names to co- ordinator Neville Will were the ones able to enjoy a lovely meal served by the volunteers of the Yacht Club.

The weather looking a little threatening restricted the numbers of drivers prepared to bring their pride and joys out of the shelter of the garages opting to drive to Coffin Bay in the modern family car. Clearing weather added to the view of the bay while we enjoyed chatting amongst members and friends.

Gossip heard on the day!

Lucky turned up late in “mum’s car”.
First attempt was to take the pink GT for a run. Backed out the shed but it was running like a wooly goat so that one was returned to the shed.
“The Grey” GT was next to be rushed down to get fuel. Wet road and slick racing tyres don’t go together. Did not like the idea of aqua plane-ing at 110 on the highway so that one too was placed back into shed. Mums car to the rescue.
Plus it would help if the emails were check for departure times prior to the event.

Curiosity at Jacky and Arron signing in as 2 1/2. Is there something they are not telling us?

Woodsy the lucky ticket winner of the fuel voucher. It was great of him to hand it on to Gail, seems it was her car taken out for the day.

Ross Allen started the day in his new Clubman but due to its open cockpit and a shower of rain just before departure saw him return home and change to the fa ily car.

Warm sun, green pastures added to the joy of the drive home on a winters day.

Thanks to all who attended!