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March Observation Run

A very observant lot.

On Sunday 26th March nice weather greeted 44 members on the popular Observation Run.
The turnout included new members Rod and Jill Riddle in their ’66 Mustang, George and Frances Smith in their ’77 Corvette and Neville and Cathryn Arbon in their ’64 EH Holden.  It was also pleasing to welcome prospective members Mike and Beth Stockdale in their Peugeot coupe.


Left:  Event Sponsor, Hagen Zerk, thinks he is posing proudly in front of his premises, however, the observers in the background believe he is saying “Look at my brand new Charger!”

Below:  ……of course he hasn’t converted, he attended with his trusty XA Coupe, and travelled a little more sedately than he will in the Teakle Auto Sprint over Easter.


The gathering met at Hagen Zerk Automotive, the Sponsors premises, where Ian and Margaret Phillips presented navigators with a town map, a National Park pass and a list of about 50 questions to which participants were to seek answers by driving around before finishing at Stamford Hill car park. A few tricky questions prompted quite a bit of ‘discussion’ between crews as they criss-crossed our City (often cars passing each other whilst travelling in opposite directions).


However, it is pleasing to report that everyone reached their destination. Allan Schwarz (left) began the journey in his MG but developed a bit of wheel wobble forcing a change of vehicle in which he completed the run.



Right: New members Rod and Jill Riddle were proud to show off their newly acquired ’66 Mustang………..

…….. as were EH owners Neville and Cathryn Arbon (below).


Following lunch, the marking of the questionnaires took place. Despite some serious challenges to some of the answers, quizmaster Phillips stood firm and would not be swayed by the hecklers.

Due to a harmonious relationship between driver and navigator, the prestigious prize of being allowed to plan next year’s observation Run went to the winners Barry and Tina Lawes. Their excitement was electrifying!

The other winner on the day was Glenn Karutz, who following a dash  (maybe not a ‘dash’ as such) to the ‘Sandman’, was able to produce the winning ticket for the day’s fuel voucher.


It was such a beautiful day it forced some participants to head for the shade………..




……..and other to take their tops off!




Right: Ever present were new Life Members Geoff and Helen Phillips, crowning around as usual!



In all it was another great outing with thanks to Ian, Margaret and their helpers, and everyone who participated.

Submitted by a Charger 770 owner.