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Observation Run

A challenge for those not so observant!

Observation Run


In nice weather and with the cruise ship “Golden Princess” in the background, LAC members gathered at Whirley’s Car park in readiness for the annual Observation Run.   In all, 37 participants in 19 vehicles, which included new members Andrew and Julie Brooks in Julie’s PT Cruiser, Mike Stockdale & Beth Hammond in their Peugeot RCZ Coupe, and Rodney Purton & Michelle Hansen in their pretty schmik 1970 GT Falcon replica, departed armed with a map and a list of 50 questions.  This year’s run was ably put together by Tina and Barry Lawes, their dubious “reward” for having won last year’s event!

Apparently even the bitumen dust need to be removed prior to setting off!

Fords were well represented in this year’s run………

….. including first timers Rodney Purton & Michelle Hansen in their GT Replica.


But there were others, including Jasol who blew the cobwebs out of the Calais.


Tina’s background as a school teacher ensured that there were a few testing questions and moments, particularly when drivers at one stage were instructed to turn left at a certain junction when in fact they had to turn right!  Not to be deterred, all cast and crew eventually staggered into the Wanilla Hall (despite one member and his wife who wish to remain nameless – is that right Geoff?), completely missing the Wanilla township which resulted in an extended journey to the outskirts of Edillilie!.

The Wanilla Hall brought back memories for Lucky who reminisced about “treading the boards” there in his younger days.

Following lunch the serious task of marking the questionnaires took place in a very jovial manner. Quizmaster Barry was undeterred by a few hecklers, and following careful marking, double checking and possible manipulations, Marilyn and Jim Kay were declared the winners.

You would have thought sheep stations were at stake when it came to scoring, with just as many interjections as Question Time in Parliament!

Not only did the win afford the Kay’s the privilege of organising next year’s run, but also resulted in them going home with a $50 fuel voucher courtesy of Eyre Fuels.


The Kay’s seemed more interested in the fuel voucher rather than the responsibility of organising next year’s event!



There were a different lot cars in the Wanilla Hall carpark than in Lucky’s dancing days!


It was noted that at the start of the event one member and his wife presented in a particular Ford but on their way out of town exchanged it for another Ford due to a technical issue. However, on their return to Port Lincoln it so happened that the second Ford also presented a technical glitch which was quickly rectified by a few heads under the said Ford bonnet.  Any queries relating to the above  may be directed to the Treasurer!

In all, a great outing.  A big thank you to Tina and Barry for their conscientious efforts. I understand it took four weekends to put it all together.  Also another thank you to our event sponsor for the day Hazeal Newman & Associates.

Article contributed by Elaine Price.  Thank you Elaine.