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2019 Poker Run

Poker Run dealt a good time

2019 Poker Run

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…….

Glorious weather provided the backdrop for our annual Poker Run. Meeting in the car park near Hagen Zerk Automotive, our sponsor for the day, gave those present the usual opportunity to discuss most subjects known to mankind and in particular issues relating to motor vehicles and motor vehicles new to the Club.

Whilst there, Hagen provided a great deal of interest by inviting those present into his workshop to show the fitting of a ZK Holden V8 6 litre engine into his Nissan Patrol. Very interesting indeed.

What? A Ford fanatic, putting a V8 Holden engine in a Nissan Patrol? But when event sponsor Hagen Zerk does it, it works!

Departing Port Lincoln at about 9.40, all made their way to Cummins for ‘smoko’ in the Park. Present were several members from that area, along with their vehicles, some of which were relatively new to our Club.

Cummins member James Walter joined the pack at Cummins in his HX GTS Monaro. Not wanting to miss out on the rest of the cruise, he continued on to complete “the triangle”!

Another new car to the Club on its first run was the 1971 LC Torana of Scott Burdett and Leonie Simpson.

We then travelled onto the Sea Breeze Hotel at Tumby Bay.  By then the ranks had expanded to 42 members and visitors presenting for a very nice lunch.

After being seen around town regularly, new members Robert Patterson & Tania Lodge proudly displayed their 1965 Pontiac GTO on the Poker Run

Along the way, playing cards, expertly controlled by our recently returned Committee member, Pascal Labhart, assisted by Maaika Forsaith, were drawn by those present.  After careful scrutiny, Rod Riddle was declared the winner with the best poker hand, and therefore took home the $50 fuel voucher from Eyre Fuels.

Of course the run would not be complete without the obligatory lunch!

It was very pleasing to have some of our newer members along to what was a very good outing. Thanks to those who made it possible.

Ed:  Report from an anonymous participant (and card shark!).  Thank you