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2017 Christmas Dinner

Another wonderful Christmas Lunch at Wangary

2017 Christmas Dinner

They did it again….

Yes, the wonderful Wangary Ladies did at again, following on from last year’s Christmas Dinner, they backed it up again this year with a wonderful Christmas spread.

Ninety nine LAC members filled the Marble Range Sporting Complex for another enjoyable Christmas celebration.  The promo suggested the dinner would be “substantially subsidised” by the Club, but little did the attendees know, until arrival, that it would be subsidised to the tune of 100%.  How’s that for a Christmas surprise?  The Management Committee had no hesitation at its November meeting in deciding to invest some of the Club’s funds back into the active membership.

Making your own way to Wangary prior to lunch, made time for some good Christmas socialising prior to Christmas Dinner.

The venue was once again decorated beautifully, creating the expectation of another quality banquet ahead.

Members arrived in a great selection of 26 classic vehicles and a variety of moderns

It was a toss up for some between admiring the hardware on display……….

…… and taking your seat at the table.

Christmas tidings were put aside for a few as there was apparently something interesting on TV…….. going by those glued to the box, it was probably netball!

Late comers were relegated to the back row!

Here’s hoping the Rushby’s Downton Mini has strong front suspension to hold up those lights!

The positive feedback (not just because of the free feed) from members, has given the Committee and indication that Wangary again in 2018 could well be on the cards.  This will be confirmed at the Club’s next Management Committee meeting early January.  Of course it would not have been possible without the exceptional effort put in by the Ladies of the Marble Range Sporting Complex.  President Ian Gordon passed on the Club’s appreciation to all those involved with applause from all those present.